Monday, May 7, 2018

Pynchon In Public Day

8 May 1937 is Thomas Ruggles Pynchon's birthdate.
The famously reclusive author is celebrated by his fans 
by bringing their own Pynchon out in public.

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Photo of the Anonymous Anomalous Duo taken at a location at 114th Street in Manhattan.
508 . . . Ruggles, hmmm.

Thomas Pynchon on The Simpsons.

Responding to the image which has been manufactured in the media over the years, Pynchon made two cameo animated appearances on the television series The Simpsons in 2004. The first occurs in the episode "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife", in which Marge Simpson becomes a novelist. He plays himself, with a paper bag over his head, and provides a blurb for the back cover of Marge's book, speaking in a broad Long Island accent: "Here's your quote: Thomas Pynchon loved this book, almost as much as he loves cameras!" He then starts yelling at passing cars: "Hey, over here, have your picture taken with a reclusive author! Today only, we'll throw in a free autograph! But, wait! There's more!"

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In his second appearance, in "All's Fair in Oven War", Pynchon's dialogue consists entirely of puns on his novel titles ("These wings are 'V'-licious! I'll put this recipe in 'The Gravity's Rainbow Cookbook', right next to 'The Frying of Latke 49'.").

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 Pynchon wanted to do the series because his son was a big fan.

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