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Photo of JP art and collage by AleXander Hirka It’s not about  this  war — it’s about  all  wars! If you think the current international conflict is simply about one out-of-control crazy fuck — and you want to comfortably add to the chorus of self-righteous indignation around on social media — this may just get in your way. It will ask you for some real time and thought. Full disclosure: I write from the perspective of opposition to all war—towards debunking any and all excuses/reasons that fuel this insane male-of-the-species driven construction—this regularly generated destruction of human life on the planet. That includes most of the responses to this that begin with “Yeah, but what about . . . “. RESIST I was delighted to see Russian citizens taking to the streets in protest of their government’s invasion of Ukraine. I was among the 36 million worldwide who took to the streets in 2003 in protest of the United States’ invasion of Iraq. [I’ve been in the streets in protest of my gove

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