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ClouDelicious Sky

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s . . .  Sunset over our corner — 112th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue Most of the time as I walk around the city my focus is on people. I have been granted a limited time visit to this planet and humans are my favorite—and least favorite—aspect to examine for my reports to send back home. And—when I’m not busy watching my step—I look up at the sky! That amazing ever-changing canopy of clouds that often blanket this city. And here’s me looking down into the magic mirrors that live in puddles . . . Street Mirrors Careful, You’ll Fall Into The Sky …and the endless wonders right at my feet on the city sidewalks. The Sidewalks Of New York Watch Where You Step — Part One The Sidewalks Of New York — Part 2 The Sidewalks Of New York — Part 3 Positively Going Forth On Streets Photos and words © AleXander Hirka 2021. All Rights Reserved. ________________________________________________ Like the words/art?   Please conside

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